About Us

Chris Garcia

IICRC Certified Technician

In early 2014 I purchased Blue Sky Carpet Care from Scott Gillespie.  It was an opportunity of a lifetime.  To be sole owner and operator of the corridor’s best carpet cleaning company is a dream come true.  The challenges of operating and maintaining a business like this is very rewarding.  One of the biggest thrills to me is seeing the gratitude in the customer’s eyes when you clean something that they thought they would have to replace.  There are only two reasons to replace carpet.

1) The customer is tired of an outdated style
2) The carpet is completely worn or damaged

I have over a decades experience with carpet cleaning and the other services I provide.  Great customer service and consistent work are what separate Blue Sky Carpet Care from everybody else.  My goals are still the same, to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations.  I truly believe that an individual is only as good as their last job.  That is why I give my best on every job I do.  No short cuts!  I invite you to experience the Blue Sky Carpet Care difference.