Residential Carpet Cleaning

Clean carpets can improve the appearance of your home, but did you know the cleaning process will also improve indoor air quality? Your carpet fibers may contain soil, grease, odors, pet dander and dust. Blue Sky Carpet Care's residential carpet cleaning process will leave your carpets cleaner and fresher than any other cleaning process around. Our IICRC certified and highly trained technicians inspect every inch of your carpet, paying special attention to any spots, high traffic areas and areas of concern and employ the best cleaning strategies. The result is a more professional and detailed cleaning process.

Our 12 Step Residential Carpet Cleaning Process

Step 1: Inspection: The carpet is thoroughly inspected for any areas of concern before the cleaning process begins.

Step 2: Set-up: Before the cleaning process is started, every precaution is taken to protect your home. Walk-off mats and moving blankets are used to protect hard surfaces, corner guards used for walls and a door barrier is used to seal around the door to maintain inside temperature.

Step 3: Pre-Vacuum: The carpet is agitated and vacuumed of all dry soil and particulate.

Step 4: Furniture Moving: Furniture is moved so that the carpet underneath can be vacuumed and pre-conditioned.

Step 5: Pre-Conditioner: A conditioning pre-spray is applied to the carpet. The pre-spray breaks down and suspends soil for later extraction.

Step 6: Agitation: Heavily soiled areas are agitated with a carpet rake or brush to properly break up and suspend embedded soils.

Step 7: Rinse/ Extraction: The carpet is rinsed and extracted using a PH balanced low pressurized rinse.

Step 8: Spot Cleaning: Spots are treated and rinsed using our special spotting cleaning agents.

Step 9: Furniture Replaced: Furniture is returned to its original area and placed on protective blocks and tabs.

Step 10: Carpet Protection (optional): 3M Scotchgard is applied to the carpet for added protection against spills and soiling.

Step 11: Baseboard Trim Cleaned: All base trim is wiped downed only in areas that carpeting has been cleaned.

Step 12: Grooming: The carpet is groomed using a carpet rake in order to lift the nap for faster drying and appearance.

Why Our Step-by-Step Carpet Cleaning Process Is So Important

To be consistent in cleaning carpet, there must be processes and procedures put in place and followed. If these procedures are not followed the carpet will not be properly cleaned and therefore will not have a prolonged lifetime. Blue Sky Carpet Care follows the industry standards set by carpet mills, the professional cleaning industry and public health agencies. These carpet cleaning processes assure you of clean, beautiful and resilient carpets, as well as a healthy home. One key step in our cleaning process is our set-up. During this step every precaution is made to protect your home by using:

  • Walk-off mats to protect your foyer and hard surface floors
  • Door guards to seal around your door and maintain inside temperature
  • Corner guards to protect the corners of your walls
  • Moving blankets to protect your hard surface floors