Residential Laminate Cleaning

Residential laminate floors are beautiful, but over time they lose their luster and can become dull looking. High traffic brings in dirt, grit and other contaminants which can deteriorate your floors. Blue Sky Carpet Care can professionally clean and revitalize your laminate flooring using our special cleaning process. We use premium cleaning solutions and equipment specifically designed for cleaning laminate flooring. If your needs an additional shine and protection after the cleaning process, we can apply a water-based urethane refinisher in a satin or gloss finish. Leave your laminate floor cleaning to the professionals at Blue Sky Carpet Care.

Our 8 Step Laminate Floor Cleaning Process

Step 1: Inspection: The laminate flooring is given a thorough inspection and the best cleaning method is determined.

Step 2: Pre-Vacuum: The areas to be cleaned are thoroughly vacuumed.

Step 3: Dust Mop: After vacuuming the areas are dust mopped to remove the finest of dirt and dust particles from the floor.

Step 4: Edging & Corners: All edges and corners are hand cleaned to remove any contaminants.

Step 5: Baseboard Trim Cleaning: After all edges and corners are cleaned the baseboards and kick plates (in kitchen areas) are cleaned and wiped down.

Step 6: IFT Cleaning: The floor is cleaned with an Intensive Floor Treatment solution. This solution used in conjunction with the Dirt Dragon. The Dirt Dragon is a machine especially made for cleaning laminate flooring.

Step 7: Fresh Water Damp Mop: The floor is then lightly damp mopped with fresh water and quickly dried so that there is no residue left from the IFT solution.

Step 8: Squeaky: The floor is cleaned using the Squeaky cleaner solution and the Dirt Dragon. There is no damp mopping after this step.

The refinisher is available in a gloss and satin finish only.

This Laminate Cleaning Service Is For You If:

  • Your laminate floors are looking dull and need brightening up.
  • You want a new shine but don't want costly and messy refinishing.
  • The original finish is not worn all the way through to bare wood.
  • There are no deep scratches that penetrate the raw wood.
  • Your laminate floors are not completely faded.