Residential Tile and Grout Cleaning

Residential Tile and Grout can be very difficult to clean properly. Regular mopping with household cleaning products leaves residue in the grout lines that attract more dirt and grime. Tile and grout must be professionally cleaned using the four principles of cleaning. Solution, Heat, Agitation and Time are the four principles in cleaning. Blue Sky Carpet Care uses the best in tile and grout cleaning solutions, the best truck-mount cleaning unit for high temperature heat and the best equipment to properly agitate the grout lines to get them perfectly clean. All our technicians are IICRC certified in every cleaning service we provide, so you will not only get the best cleaning equipment and solutions for your tile and grout cleaning but also the best technician to perform the work.

Our 9 Step Residential Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

Step 1: Inspection: The tile and grout is inspected for cracks, damaged tile, missing grout and any imperfections.

Step 2: Set-up: Before the cleaning process is started, every precaution is taken to protect your home. Walk-off mats and moving blankets are used to protect hard surfaces, corner guards used for walls and a door barrier is used to seal around the door to maintain inside temperature.

Step 3: Pre-Vacuum: The areas to be cleaned are thoroughly vacuumed.

Step 4: Pre-spray: A mild cleaning agent is applied to tile and grouted areas.

Step 5: Agitation: The tile and grout is hand agitated using a grout cleaning brush to break down and suspend soils.

Step 6: Rinse/ Extraction: Tile and grout is rinsed and extracted using a PH balanced pressure rinse.

Step 7: Dry: The tile is towel dried.

Step 8: Sealer (optional): Grout is sealed using a water-based sealer. No harsh solvents are used.

Step 9: Baseboard Trim Cleaned: All baseboards are wiped down only in tiled areas that have been cleaned.

Why Our Step-by-Step Tile & Grout Cleaning Process Is So Important

To properly and consistently get tile and grout clean, there must be processes and procedures put in place and followed. If these procedures are not followed the tile and grout will not be properly cleaned and therefore residue can be left and a greater problem left as well. Blue Sky Carpet Care follows the industry standards set by the professional cleaning industry. Our tile and grout cleaning process assures you of clean, beautiful and residue-free tile and grout. One key step in our cleaning process is our set-up. During this step every precaution is made to protect your home by using:

  • Walk-off mats to protect your foyer and hard surface floors
  • Door guards to seal around your door and maintain inside temperature
  • Corner guards to protect the corners of your walls
  • Moving blankets to protect your hard surface floors